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01st Dec 2023

Jane Fonda, 85, says she won’t date anyone older than 20

Nina McLaughlin

Jane Fonda is rarely out of the headlines

The 85-year-old is one of the most outspoken people of her generation, but her latest comments have seriously raised some eyebrows.

In a recent podcast appearance, Fonda revealed that she did not want to date anyone older than 20 years old.

Speaking to Heather McMahan on her podcast called Absolutely Not, the actress said: “I’m ashamed to say this, but if I were to take a lover, he’d have to be 20.”

McMahan questioned why, to which Fonda responded: “Because I don’t like old skin.”

This brought about laughter from everyone in the production studio, and Fonda reiterated: “I don’t.”

The Grace and Frankie star’s comments garnered a lot of attention from people after it went viral from being shared to TikTok.

The clip’s comments section is full of people giving their two cents on Fonda’s remarks.

“What about if the 20 year old doesn’t like old skin,” one person wrote.

A second put: “I get the old skin part, but we can go higher than 20 to still accomplish that.”

While a third said: “20 is a literal baby to me.”

A fourth added: “20? I’m not even half her age and I think 20 is too young for my age.”

However, others thought people had made a mountain out of a molehill.

“People really don’t understand what a joke is! She’s funny,” one put.

A second said: “Y’all are not about to try and cancel Jane plz – she’s being funny.”