Israel minister thanks US for blocking UN statement calling for ceasefire in Gaza 8 months ago

Israel minister thanks US for blocking UN statement calling for ceasefire in Gaza

The Biden administration has rejected the UN statement calling for a ceasefire three times

The Israeli government has thanked US President Joe Biden for blocking a UN statement that called for de-escalation for a third time. The statement from the UN would have looked to order a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, as the conflict rages on and death tolls continue to rise.


Yesterday afternoon, Israel’s defence minister, Benny Gantz, shared the following Twitter thread in which he thanked the US for its actions and reiterated the country's commitment to dismantling Hamas:

President Biden said last week that he believes Israel has the right to defend itself, following a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden himself has a long record of being pro-Israel, although he did urge both sides to try and open discussions and bring an end to the violence.

Violence has been increasing in the region for days with 212 people dead in Gaza, including 61 children and 10 dead in Israel, including two children. The latest series of airstrikes on the region was the most devastating yet, with over 1,000 bombs dropped on the Gaza Strip.

In modern history, at least, America has had a strong relationship with Israel - having even used its veto power to stop legislation against the nation. Many allied countries within the United Nations have reportedly been shocked by this latest and consecutive blocking of attempts at a ceasefire.