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17th May 2019

More than 100 accusations of Islamophobia from Tory party members

Here's the evidence then

Oli Dugmore

More than 100 instances of reported Islamophobia in the Tory party have been passed on to ITV News

Here’s the evidence then

A dossier reveals more than 100 accusations of Islamophobia and racism from Conservative party members.

Muslims are called “aliens” and “radicals” in the comments. Other remarks include:

  • “We are letting our children down by allowing this cult to take over our country.”
  • “We don’t have a politician strong enough in the UK to lead us away from this infestation.”
  • “They cause mayhem wherever they decide to invade.”

Conservative Party spokesperson told ITV News: “A substantial number of these people are not members.

” Any other party members on this list have either already been suspended, expelled or are under investigation.

“Our complaints process is rightly a confidential one but where we find evidence of members making abusive or discriminatory posts, we take swift action.”