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30th Mar 2015

Is the Queen campaigning for Ukip in south London?

Apparently, Liz can't stand people coming to the UK and living off State benefits for generations - Oh, wait...


The Royals are supposed to steer clear of intervening in politics; Content to be mere figureheads of State, immune and well above the shenanigans of parliamentarians and local government anoraks.

But it looks like The Queen has decided to take matters into her own hands ahead of the General Election in May.


This photo appears to show Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II canvassing for Ukip in Bromley, South London.

Even the Ukip candidate for Bromley, Emmett Jenner, is convinced:

Clearly, it can’t be her: but the resemblance is pretty unsettling, we have to admit.

We hope we don’t get a knock on the door late at night for pointing out Liz’s extra-curricular activities in South London.

The snapshot was taken by Anna Zhelezcheva who posted it to the Shit London Facebook page. It can now be found all over the internet.

h/t: Anna Zhelezcheva/Shit London