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07th Jul 2022

Influencer launches GoFundMe page to cover £8k of damage caused to Airbnb during 30th birthday bash

April Curtin

The influencer said she could pay the bill herself but thought she would try getting others to donate first

An influencer has launched a fundraiser to help cover a whopping $13,000 bill she received after trashing an Airbnb in a “three-week long bender”.

Mary Magdalene, a Canadian influencer and self-proclaimed “plastic surgery fanatic” was celebrating her 30th birthday at a pad in West Hollywood when she apparently “trashed” the place, she admitted.

While it sounded like she had fun at the time, Magdalene’s celebrations left her with a bill which equates to £8,360 for cleaning and replacing destroyed items.

Posting on her GoFundMe page, Magdelene explained: “It was my birthday weekend and I was on a 3-week long bender there and I did try my best to keep the place in good condition. I even hired a maid.

“I feel bad because the host was nice to me although I do feel I could have gotten the stain out if the couch because the maid I hired did before. So I do not feel this is totally fair but I do feel bad because he did end up getting kicked out so I would like to pay him.

“I do have the money but i do not perfer to pay it out of my own money but i will if this gofundme doesnt work.”

The influencer has since received some backlash for asking her followers for money.

Speaking out about the reaction, Magdelene said: “A lot of people are really angry about the GoFundMe campaign. All I am doing is using platforms available to anyone to my benefit. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

She admitted the campaign was “ridiculous”, adding: “People are dying, there’s real causes for people to give money to. I’m not delusional or acting like this is a big or important cause.

“This platform is there so I’m just trying to use it before I’m the one having to pay the thing in full. Which I will, but why not try this first?”

The influencer said she wasn’t blaming anyone. “Obviously I should not put myself in these dumb situations,” she said.

However Magdalene did note how she provides “hours of entertainment”, reminding viewers that people tip street performances and give money to church.

“No-one’s forcing anyone to do anything,” she said.

“For those who got offended I am sorry. Like I said, don’t hate the player hate the game,” she added.

Her GoFundMe has so far raised $1,110 dollars.

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