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21st Dec 2023

Images show students hiding from gunman during Prague shooting

Joseph Loftus

Numerous people are dead and many more injured

A shooting in central Prague has left numerous people dead and dozens more wounded.

Police have given no details about the victims of the circumstances surrounding the gunfire which broke out earlier this afternoon in the country’s capital.

Interior Minister Vit Rakusan later confirmed that the gunman has been ‘eliminated’.

He added that there is no other suspect at the scene and there is no imminent further danger.

Terrifying footage from the scene of the attack has since been shared on local news showing some apparent students hiding on a ledge from the gunman on the other side.

Police said that officers were deployed to a shooting at a school in Jan Palach Square.

The philosophical faculty of Charles University located at the square has been evacuated.

The square has been sealed off and police have urged people to leave the surrounding areas and stay inside.

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