'I'm so beautiful my friends don't invite me to birthday parties as I'll steal the show' 3 months ago

'I'm so beautiful my friends don't invite me to birthday parties as I'll steal the show'

We've all been there

A 25-year-old woman has shared how her friends have been jealous of her beautiful appearance as she attracts more male attention than them, claiming they don't invite her to birthday parties because of her beauty.


Lily Pitfield, a fashion assistant from London, says that her good looks have created a huge rift between herself and her pals.

Speaking to the Sun, Pitfield said: “I’ve lost some pals in the past because they didn’t like me being the centre of attention, even though I really didn’t want to be.

“Others refused to invite me to their birthday parties as they were worried I’d steal the limelight.


"Girls can be super mean and bitchy. It’s frustrating because I'm kind, goofy and humble and was raised to be beautiful inside and out.”

The 25-year-old says she's lost friends over her good looks (Instagram)

Pitfield first remembers attracting male attention when she was at a club - having a drink sent over to her despite not doing anything to suggest she was interested.


"It was a huge confidence boost, up until then I had no idea how you look could influence how you’re treated," she said.

Lily says she never expects better treatment and tries to be humble (Instagram)

However she claims her looks have caused friction between her and her friends, with her looks often getting her free entry to places and free drinks.


“It's caused a stir with my friends as they don't get the same treatment, but I can't help it.”

She even gets the star treatment on holiday, telling the story of the time she was invited on a cruise with the owner of a super yacht whilst on holiday in Greece.

She says she was "showered" with food and drinks, adding: "He wasn't after anything in return, he just said he hoped me being there would attract the 'cool crowd.'"

Pitfield said she's fully aware not everyone receives the kind of treatment she does and that she never expects to receive special treatment. Her family and friends constantly remind her how lucky she is.

She said: "Strangers are always nice to me, and I seem to always get what I want."


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