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26th Apr 2021

Hundreds of people named Josh have fight in park to crown the ‘One True Josh’

Charlie Herbert

One Josh to rule them all

Hundreds of Joshes (if that’s what the plural of Josh is) gathered at a field in Nebraska to fight it out for the right to keep the name and find the one true Josh. It started out as internet meme, but ended up becoming a real event that saw five-year-old Josh Vinson Jr. crowned the champion in a truly heartwarming story.

The origins to this tale started a year ago when a man named Josh Swain created a group chat on Facebook, telling them that they had a year to prepare for a unique battle for ownership of the name.

Slowly but surely the day gathered traction, and it became apparent that this was actually going to go down.

The event kicked off with a rock, paper, scissors battle between the organiser and his opponent, before the pool-noodle battle begun. Spider-man, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, they were all there.

But beneath all this wonderful silliness was a genuinely good cause. The event ended up raising $8,000 in donations for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, having originally aimed to raise $1,000. The ‘Josh Fight’ also managed to collect a huge amount of food for the local food bank.

And the event’s winner, Little  Josh, had himself been treated at the hospital for epilepsy since the age of two.

Asked about his victory, the king simply said: “I fight everyone and I always win”

With the Burger King crown on his head, five-year-old Little Josh was lifted in the air to the adoration of his disciples. A worthy winner, who looks destined to lead the Joshes into a glorious era.

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