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07th Jul 2018

UK prepares for hottest day of the year as temperatures forecast to reach 33C

Temperatures could soar past 33C this weekend

Oli Dugmore

Temperatures could soar past 33C this weekend

UK residents can expect to see the hottest temperatures of the year this weekend, reaching as high as 33C, according to the Met Office.

Highs will be found in London and the south east of the country, as a planetwide heatwave envelopes the Earth.

The difference in temperature in the lower half of England was really clear this morning, as early temperatures in London reached 18C but Scotland wallowed in a chilly close to freezing 1C.

The record for the hottest day of the year was broken last week when temperatures hit 30.8C in Porthmadog, north west Wales on Wednesday.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “It won’t be a cold start to Saturday, it could be a little bit misty around some coasts through Wales, the east coast as well, but any mist and low cloud should move back to the coast.

“As we go through the day some cloud will bubble up here and there and especially in land across Scotland and Northern Ireland and further south there will be a bit of fair weather cloud.

“But for most it’s all about those temperatures, soaring temperatures as well.

“Down towards the south east it is here we are most likely to see values over 30C. 32C and 33C is possible, it may well be the warmest day of the year so far.

“Across Northern Ireland and Scotland temperatures here will probably be a little bit higher than Friday’s values too.

“Again and is often the case, the beaches will be a little bit cooler with some sea breezes developing.

“But for most it is strong and hot sunshine and well there is more to come through Saturday evening as well if you have got plans for the outdoors well again it’s going to be a beautiful barmy summers evening.

“Some cloud will spill into the far north-west and that will be a feature through Sunday.

“But for most as I said Saturday stays fine throughout and in the evening temperatures will be above 20C in many places, it will be really quite a warm evening.”

Deakin continued to say that temperatures could actually be higher on Sunday: “If anything on Sunday temperatures could be a little bit higher again it is across the Midlands and southern parts of England and Wales where we will see the highest values.

“Again it will get over 30C in places, but it will be a little bit cooler as that cold front pushes into northern Scotland but for most towns and cities we will see temperatures well above average.

“Will the hot weather last? Well there are some signs that it may just turn a little bit cooler through much of next week but certainly the dry weather is set to last for most of next week.”