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05th Aug 2018

Tourists travelling to Europe this week issued “extreme risk warning” as temperatures climb to 50C

Rory Cashin

African winds bring with them dust from the Sahara Desert, presenting a potentially huge health issue

Earlier this weekend, we reported that the current European heatwave has proved to be fatal, with three men reported dead in Spain from heatstroke, and it now it looks like the heatwave is set to get worse.

On Sunday, it is reported that anyone in the area – or any tourists travelling to mainland Europe, particularly Portugal and Spain – should be aware that the temperatures are set to continue to climb up to 50C.

Causing the temperatures to climb even higher are strong winds coming from North Africa, bringing with them dust and sand from the Sahara Desert, which could prove to be a serious health risk to the young and the elderly.

All tourists are being advised to stay out of the sun during peak hours and to keep hydrated at all times.

Accuweather are reporting that temperatures soared to 44C (111F) in Lisbon on Saturday, breaking the all-time record of 43C (109F) set in August 2003.

The weather prediction company’s president made the following statement: “The actual total human toll may not ever be known as heat-related fatality reports are historically underdone since not all deaths are correctly attributed to heat and some result from accelerating serious health issues and the fatalities show up weeks later. The elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, such as asthma and heart failure, are likely to face declining health due to exacerbation of their conditions due to weather.

“Heat exhaustion and stroke, dehydration, migraines, loss of sleep and mood alteration can all occur due to dangerous heat. Historical data shows that more people are likely to be involved in vehicle crashes due to heat-related impacts, such as decreased ability to concentrate, the poor quality of sleep they get and impaired mood.”