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04th May 2023

Heart-stopping moment stroller with baby in it rolls towards highway after mum falls over – twice

Steve Hopkins

‘I watched that with my heart in my throat’

An agonising video has emerged showing the moment a stroller with a baby inside rolls towards a four-lane-highway after the woman pushing it trips and falls.

The heart-stopping incident happened Monday when a woman, who has not been identified, was standing near her vehicle and suddenly tripped, falling to the ground and losing grip of the stroller in the City of Hesperia, California.

Video of the incident, which has more than 49 million views, showed the woman struggling to get up after tripping and hurting her knee as the pram rolled downhill towards the highway.

She then loses her footing again and just as it seems like tragedy is about to strike, a Good Samaritan comes into view and grabs the stroller with seconds to spare.

Another passerby then helps the woman up as the hero, pushes the stroller back to her.

The footage was posted around 7.30pm Monday by USSGoodGirl with the caption: “Windy AF here today and the stroller rolled away… Thank god a man catches the stroller before anything bad happens to this lady’s baby.”

Someone on the video is overheard saying, “Omg… she started running and she fell.”

“They cannot get up because she hurt her knee so bad… she can’t move an inch,” said the other narrator.

Once the hero appears another person watching the video adds, “You are the man… lifesaver right there…perfect timing.”

The Good Samaritan was later identified as Ron Nessman by NBCLA.

Ron, who had turned up from a job interview, told the broadcaster: “I knew I could get it and I got it and I’m thankful for that because I really wouldn’t want to see the end result if I wasn’t there,” he told the network.

He said the woman was the child’s great-aunt and had suffered injuries to her knees and was bleeding.

“She tried everything she possibly could to get up. Her knees were bleeding when I got up to her. She was still shocked and she was crying,” he said.

Despite the outcome, some viewers wondered why the stroller wasn’t locked given there was high winds that day.

“Holy s**t!!; wrote one person. ‘Why wasn’t it locked?! No way I’d let my hands off a stroller if it was windy like that.”

Another person wrote: “I watched that with my heart in my throat.”

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