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09th Nov 2016

‘Thousands’ of Americans voted for Harambe and now people are freaking out

Some people couldn't bring themselves to vote for Trump or Clinton - so took matters into their own hands

Mike Wright

Donald Trump’s shock election win has already left a lot of people in a fragile state this morning.

And now widespread Twitter rumours that Americans decided to vote for Harambe yesterday have just tipped a load of them over edge.

It started when photos started to emerge of voters writing the slain silverback’s name onto ballot papers.

Then rumours of Harambe’s massive electoral mandate took off after this US journalist’s tweet.

And then it didn’t take long for people to start really freaking out.

It’s unlikely that thousands of people did vote for Harambe, and even if they did, it wouldn’t have affected the result, as some have claimed.

But still, guys, this was kind of a big deal.

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