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01st Oct 2021

PES players can’t get over the player faces in new eFootball game

Callum Boyle

Some of them are genuinely terrifying

After years and years of being taunted and mocked by its EA Sports rivals, Konami decided to think fresh and pull the plug on the iconic Pro Evolution Soccer franchise.

For many, EA Sports’ FIFA games were streets ahead, in almost every respect, so in order to try to compete with the market that little bit more, Konami opted to relaunch the franchise under a new name: eFootball.

The latest eFootball game is available to play for free on Steam, but has not been well received thus far.

91 per cent of reviewers have given the game a negative review and of course, just like its predecessor, some of the faces in the game have caused quite the stir.

I mean, just see for yourself at just how bad some of these are:

I will have nightmares about that Lionel Messi face forever.

The whole thread gets worse as you scroll, and as expected, social media has latched onto these, giving them some absolutely brutal roasts with a large majority questioning whether these players have been taking some sort of illegal substances.

Others meanwhile have shown no surprise to seeing the monstrosity that Konami have produced stating that ‘PES is still s***.’

However it’s not all doom and gloom for Konami. Some people did think ‘some’ of the faces were realistic, and by that, everybody seemed to be in agreement that Harry Maguire – or ‘slabhead’ – was spot on.

We’ll let you decide for yourself on if they’re genuine thoughts.

It also seems that some professionals have spotted this and are fearing the worst, with Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde stating that he ‘can’t imagine himself’ when it comes to seeing what his face looks like in the game.


It was meant to be a promising new era for eFootball, but it seems that like PES, they will forever remain in FIFA’s shadow.

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