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28th Nov 2018

Gigantic inflatable Santa goes rogue and holds up traffic

Paul Moore

They made a real snowballs of this

A massive inflatable Santa broke free and threatened to destroy the day of every single motorist on a busy road in Cambridgeshire.

Admittedly, it wasn’t that serious but there was a hold up after drivers found themselves stuck in traffic after the giant inflatable Santa came loose and landed on Cromwell Road in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire on Tuesday.

A traffic alert by the AA said the road was “partially blocked” and that there was “slow traffic due to a large inflatable Santa on B198 Cromwell Road both ways in Wisbech”.

Taxi driver Muhammad Fareed captured the footage and appeared quite bemused by it all.

“It was massive, bigger than my seven-seater car,” he said.

The rogue Santa was apprehended at 5pm, three and a half hours later, according to traffic logs reported by Cambridgeshire Live.

The road has since reopened.

As bizarre as this entire scene sounds, it looks even weirder.

Take a look for yourself and see.