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27th Dec 2016

George Michael’s extraordinary acts of secret generosity have emerged after his death

The singer made people keep them secret.

Tom Victor

George Michael might have kept a relatively low profile in the years before his death, but it has since emerged he did a lot of good deeds that he kept secret.

The musician, who died on Christmas Day at the age of 53, was revealed this week to be the mystery donor who helped a ‘Deal or No Deal’ contestant pay for IVF treatment.

It was something which the woman in question did not know to this day.

And it seems that was just the tip of the iceberg as far as the Londoner’s secret philanthropy is concerned.

The Independent reports that Michael was working at a homeless shelter in recent years, after activist Emilyne Mondo revealed that the singer asked no one to tell others about his work.

“It is my belief that the reason for anonymity was to avoid press intrusion. This obviously can’t happen now,” Mondo told the paper.

“And of course a want and need to help others. As usual there are a lot of stories about the controversy and difficult times he had. The story is a real account of a generous human.”

In response to some of the stories being shared, others have come forward to share their own accounts of Michael’s generosity.