Gary Neville’s Instagram Live descends into chaos after meeting ‘guy from the future’ 10 months ago

Gary Neville’s Instagram Live descends into chaos after meeting ‘guy from the future’

It was a bit of a mad Monday night for Gary and Jamie

Gary Neville's Instagram Live from the back of a taxi with Jamie Carragher was transformed into perfect comedy when the two drove past a replica Delorean and met a guy claiming to be "from the future."


Carra and Neville were on their way back to their hotel after covering Everton's 3-1 victory over Burnley for Monday Night Football.

On a show that featured a heated discussion on whether Ronaldo will make United a better team, and saw the punditry duo tackling the age-old Messi vs Ronaldo debate, there were plenty of talking points.

But the fun didn't stop after the cameras stopped rolling.


Once Gary and Jamie got into their taxi to head back to the hotel, the Manchester United legend began an Insta Live.

The journey started normally enough, with the pair continuing the Messi vs Ronaldo debate, with Neville then explaining why he's decided to get rid of Whatsapp and emails from his life.

But the Insta Live really got interesting when they pulled up outside their hotel, and found to their amazement a replica Back To The Future car and a group of quirky individuals.

As Neville got out the car to have a look at the Delorean, one of the characters said he was "from the future," before asking Neville for a pic.


This was then followed both Jamie and Gary getting into the flashing car, with the former full back telling his followers watching: "I’ve no idea what’s going on here. If I blow up, it’s live on Instagram."

And he couldn't resist a jibe at his colleague when he got in, saying: "Seriously, watch this one, he’ll drive off in this - don’t worry about that!"

One of the guys watching on then asked Neville if Carragher had played for Liverpool, to which he replied: "Very badly!"

To round the whole bizarre 90 seconds off, the man revealed that his uncle was former goalkeeper Bob Bolder, who spent two years at Liverpool as the club's back up goalkeeper.


Eventually, Neville and Carragher got into their hotel after taking a few more photos, and ended what is surely one of their most memorable post-MNF journeys.

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