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16th Apr 2015

‘Fast Eddie’ Miliband is a pothead shocker

They don't call him 'Red Ed' for nothing...

Nooruddean Choudry

He’s been described as the comeback kid of British politics, but Ed ‘Hustings hustler’ Miliband has shown he can perform an effective rebound on the baize too…

The Labour leader is the subject of ITV’s Tonight programme later…erm, tonight. Having broadcast similar profiles of David Cameron and Nick Clegg, it’s Miliband’s turn under the spotlight.

Political editor Tom Bradby challenged the prospective PM to a game of pool and the ‘North London Geek’ showed signs of a misspent youth with a stunning double into the middle pocket.

Miliband will be hoping his nifty cue work can pocket him some extra votes come May 7.