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21st Dec 2015

Fans trolled over Louis van Gaal ‘sacking’ with this old Man United tweet

People fell for it...

Ben Kenyon

Today was the day that Louis van Gaal was reportedly going to lose his job as Manchester United manager.

We read it on Twitter, so it must be true.

We even had a time that the axe would fall – 2:30pm to be precise, coinciding with the opening of the New York Stock Exchange when the Glazers were supposedly set to release a statement.

So the world pulled up a chair, some popcorn and sat gawping at the internet waiting for the news of the Dutchman’s demise to drop.

Only it didn’t happen. There was nothing coming out of the club and all the ITKs fell silent.

But that didn’t stop some cheeky trolls winding up Manchester United fans with an old ‘Breaking News’ tweet from April 2014 – when David Moyes was given the old heave-ho.

For anyone expecting Van Gaal gone by 2:31pm they probably didn’t even check the date on the tweet…

To the naked eye it probably confirmed what most people expected – Giggs as caretaker before Jose Mourinho rode in on a white horse to save the club from another mediocre season.

And so the trolling began…

And people fell for it, apparently…