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21st Apr 2021

Ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestant Alex Reid has been jailed

Charlie Herbert

Former-Celebrity Big Brother contestant Alex Reid has been jailed for eight weeks for contempt of court.

Reid, who is also Katie Price’s ex-husband, lied in his witness statement for a compensation claim about a car crash that he was involved in.

The High Court heard that the ex-cage fighter had made a county court claim for £20,000 in compensation after an Audi that he was driving was involved in a crash with another vehicle.

In his statement he said that he did not know a motorbike rider called Darren Summers who it was claimed had witnessed the crash.

However Axa Insurance UK, the insurance company of the other motorist involved in the incident, discovered an article on a local news website about an appearance that Reid had made at a mixed martial arts club in Ipswich. This visit had been organised by Darren Summers as a charity event.

Reid admitted to the charges of contempt of court once Axa began High Court committal proceedings against him in January.

Judge Mrs Justice Eady said during the sentencing that she had taken into account the mitigating circumstances put forward by Reid, such as his partner being six months pregnant and his recent diagnosis with Asperger’s syndrome.

But she said that only a term in prison would reflect the serious nature of his dishonesty.

Reid will serve half of his sentence in prison, and the second half on license following his release.


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