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12th Nov 2015

Everyone is going nuts over this Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert (Video)

Does this make you feel Christmassy?

Ben Kenyon

There are many things that can ruin Christmas.

Dry turkey, sh*t presents, drinking too heavily on Christmas Eve or even that fart you thought was going to be silent at the dinner table at your new in-laws’ house.

Being the only bloke on the moon is probably high up there on the festive fun-spoilers list. Even  terrible Christmas advert endlessly repeated from mid-October can damped even the jolliest Yuletide.

Oh, there’s one more we forgot about – that’s having a spectacularly clumsy cat. The type that smashes up the joint when you turn your back for a second.

Luckily Sainsbury’s have that base well and truly covered in their bizarre and absurdly brilliant Christmas advert which features such a creature.

Mog the Cat really f**ks sh*t up in Sainsbury’s Christmas advert offering.

But weird as it was, people of the internet bloody loved it…

There were also many people left scared and confused by what they had witnessed…

Other folk just really hated Mog’s Christmas Calamity…

Even though last year’s Sainsbury’s advert was co-opting the narrative of rival soldiers coming together on Christmas during the First World War, this guy was more insulted by a cartoon cat burning a house down…

Despite just watching a cat systematically trash a house, these Twitter users wanted one. Don’t come knocking on our door for turkey when the cat razes your kitchen to the ground…