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06th Nov 2015

Everyone is going nuts about Guinness dropping this disgusting ingredient from its original recipe (Video)

How does this make Guinness taste so good?

Ben Kenyon

What’s that black stuff brewing? Oh, it’s anger.

You probably heard the news that Guinness are about to change the recipe that has been producing lovely, creamy, delicious pints of the black stuff for the last two centuries.


You can read exactly why they’re doing so here but it’s basically because vegans aren’t happy with the use of animal products in making Guinness; turns out that fish bladders have been involved in producing it all this time.

When it comes to a list of things we didn’t really need to know, that has to be close to the top.

Anyhow, a lot of Guinness drinkers are naturally a little p*ssed off about the forthcoming changes to the recipe and they now have a high-profile representative in Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show on CBS in the US.

Colbert delivered an impassioned and somewhat humorous plea for Guinness to remain the way it is on his show last night and also set-up a petition to counteract the one that vegans had signed to get Guinness to change their ways in the first place.

Clip via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

We can’t see Guinness going back on their decision, but the petition has already amassed over half of its 5,000 target signatures and we reckon there’s a decent chance that target will be reached soon.

If you want to sign it, you can do so here, but Colbert’s plea is worth a watch for a laugh at the least.

Are we the only ones with a massive thirst on all of a sudden?