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10th Jul 2021

England fined £25,630 for laser pointer, booing and setting fireworks during Denmark game

Danny Jones

England fined €30,000 over Schmeichel laser pointer incident

UEFA has slapped the English FA with a €30,000 fine following fireworks and a laser pointer being shone at Schmeichel during Kane’s penalty

According to Sky News, England have been issued a fine of €30,000 (£25,630) over a number of incidents that occurred during the semi-final against Denmark at Wembley on Wednesday.

This comes as little surprise, as one fan’s idiotic decision to try and put off Danish keeper, Kasper Schmeichel, hasn’t been well received by either England or Denmark fans. Fireworks were also said t be set off inside the stadium.

As for the booing of Denmark’s national anthem, the debate continues to rage on over whether it’s disrespectful, offensive, just in poor taste or simply a way of trying to intimidate your opponent.

While Gary Neville certainly leaned towards the latter, BBC pundit Gary Lineker was fairly vocal in his thoughts otherwise.

Large parts of foreign media and even English fans have accused the Three Lions of “cheating” their way to the final, whether it be through a ‘soft’ penalty on Sterling or having six out of their seven games played at home. This action from UEFA should add yet another layer to this narrative and defensive ones.

England have reached their first-ever European Championship final and the first final full stop since 1966. After 55 years of hurt, it’s unlikely any fan will be particularly bothered about how they made it there.