Donald Trump's rhetoric is giving Joe Biden an advantage in key states 1 year ago

Donald Trump's rhetoric is giving Joe Biden an advantage in key states

He could become the first single term president for three decades

US president Donald Trump loves to talk, which is fine. When things are going good - people have well-paid jobs, society is peaceful and people are healthy - it's fine for a president to talk.


But that all changes when your country is burning. When more than 120,000 people have died from a virus which many believe the country has simply given up on fighting, when millions are left unemployed as a result, and when police are killing minorities in the street, action is needed.

But Donald Trump has done nothing, aside from stoking the flames of racial division among the population and actively encouraging his loyal base to question the scientific basis of pretty much all conventional wisdom around coronavirus.

It is due to this that Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for this year's presidential election, has found himself with large leads in a number of key battleground states.

One of those states is Texas, traditionally a red state, but one which has for a while been edging closer to purple, and one which Democrats believe will soon be blue.


Biden is not the most impressive candidate, but he has what many middle class Americans look for in a nominee more than perhaps anything else, a sense of decorum.

Trump's violent and explosive rhetoric may appeal to his base, but it's alienating the voters that decide these elections and turning them onto Joe Biden. In the end, it could cost him his place in the Oval Office.