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06th Sep 2021

Doctor divides opinion after claiming we should never sleep naked

Kieran Galpin


A full hazmat suit will now be worn in bed!

A doctor has divided opinion after stating people should not sleep naked because they could be spraying faecal matter across beds and unsuspecting partners while asleep.

Anthony Youn MD, a ‘holistic plastic surgeon’ based in Detroit, explained his reasonings on TikTok, writing: “The average person passes gas 15-25 times a day, and this can happen while you’re sleeping.”

@tonyyounmdWhy you should never sleep without underpants! #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #sleep #shart #fart♬ Pumpkins – Clutch

He continued: “And a scientific study proved that every time you pass gas, you are spraying a tiny amount of faecal material.

“This is true, even if it’s not a real shart [s*** and fart].

“And the same study showed that your tighty whities will catch all of these particles. So for the sake of your bed partner, please sleep with your underwear on.”

Youn concluded his post with some advice on cleanliness in general: “And change your sheets regularly you disgusting animal!”

With ten million views on TikTok and more than 680,000 likes, Youn’s video has caused quite the stink with people defending their right to sleep in the buff.

“So basically we are just shitting in bed,” wrote one user, followed by a series of disgruntled emoji’s.

“My husband and I will just keep shitting on each other I guess,” wrote another.

“10-15 times a day, at least I overachieve in one area,” wrote Rachel.

Dr Youn had one exception: Women told to sleep naked by their gynaecologist should continue doing so.