talkRADIO caller says people who refuse the Covid vaccine should be sent to prison 8 months ago

talkRADIO caller says people who refuse the Covid vaccine should be sent to prison

Jean is sending you all to prison, so watch out

A talkRADIO phone-in guest has suggested everyone who refuses the Covid vaccine should be sent to prison. An understandable, if slightly reductive impulse.


Jean from Suffolk said "some people have to be protected from themselves."


"I believe that vaccines should be compulsory for everyone," said Jean from Suffolk.

"I believe it should be for every man, woman, and child," she continued, though says those excused on medical grounds should obviously be exempt.

"You mean, as in by law?" questioned Cristo the presenter, to which Jean affirms.

"Do you not think that is a horrific infringement of your civil liberties?" he questioned.


Jean continues to say that despite people thinking it infringes on their rights, she thinks some people need protection from themselves.

Cristo responded by saying he doesn't need the state to protect him from himself, but Jean was having none of it.

When he asks if Jean wants those refusing to be sent to prison, she paused. After a few stutters as she chose her words carefully, she said: "Yes, I think I would yes."

Cristo looked visibly stunned, asking Jean the question again in case sense had set in.


Jean was immovable in her opinion, citing that the UK used to be number one in the world when it came to the vaccine.

Jean wants that top spot back, even if it means sending people to prison.

Jean reiterated how she fears the UK is being laughed at because of our position on the vaccine.

Clearly, the mass imprisonment of unvaccinated people is not the answer regardless of how badly we believe people should get vaccinated. However, Jean's message cut through on social media, with one person writing 'seconded' beneath the video.

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