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05th Jul 2018

Deaf 12-year-old boy campaigns for sign language to become GCSE

James Dawson

He says he is doing it so “kids like him aren’t left behind”

A deaf 12-year-old schoolboy is campaigning for British Sign Language to be added to the GCSE circulum.

Daniel Jillings, of Lowestoft in Suffolk, is currently considering taking the issue to court as lawyers have advised the absence of the language from school curriculums could be “discriminatory and unlawful”.

There are currently a number of foreign language GCSEs, but not currently one for the main communicatory language for people with hearing difficulties in the UK.

Although the government has recently agreed to consider a sign language GCSE being introduced they have yet to put a timeframe in place, leading to Daniel choosing to take legal action.

Writing on his CrowdJustice fundraising page, Daniel said: “I feel that it is wrong that Deaf children cannot achieve a GCSE in a signed language instead.

“My mother has been speaking to lawyers who have advised that the lack of a GCSE in BSL may well be discriminatory and unlawful.

“I want the government to promise that they will work with awarding organisations to develop a new GCSE qualification in BSL as quickly as possible and that they will introduce it as soon as it is ready.”

You can support Daniel’s campaign and help fund his legal challenge here.