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28th Jan 2023

Daughter runs car into man after he allegedly raped and beat her mother


Warning: contains some footage readers may find upsetting

A woman has killed a man by twice running her car into him after he allegedly beat and raped her mother.

The incident happened in the Brazilian city of Campo Grande on January 22 at around 7pm. Footage was recorded by a security camera.

The man was the boyfriend of the driver’s mother. According to police, he had assaulted and raped her mother.

Graphic footage shows the man sitting outside a building on the pavement with another male.

A car then runs into him, crushing him against the wall. After reversing, the driver then runs into the man again, at which point he lies motionless.

The other man at the scene was not hit.

Two woman then get out the car and one of them starts shouting at the man on the ground, before getting in the car and driving off.

The man was rescued by teams from the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) and the Military Fire Department. He was to Santa Casa hospital in a serious condition,

The driver has not yet been found, and she is wanted on attempted murder.

Warning: graphic footage

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