Dad tries to limit kids' screentime - shuts down internet for whole town 4 months ago

Dad tries to limit kids' screentime - shuts down internet for whole town

Did he try just turning it off?

In a desperate attempt to limit his kids' screentime, a dad in France accidentally took down his entire town's internet connection.


The unnamed gent employed a multi-wave band jammer to temporarily stop the internet connection to his house in the French town of Messanges. Jammers work by interfering with telecommunication signals and are banned throughout much of the world, including France, France Bleu Gascogne reports.


Despite being illegal, the father deployed the device to hopefully stop the wifi signal to his house. However, the device not only shut off his internet but the rest of his town's internet - which houses around 1,000 people. Neighbours eventually started to question the wifi outage, after which the government began to investigate.

The father now faces up to six months in jail and a steep fine of 30,000 euros.

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Wifi across the UK will undoubtedly be affected as storm Eunice sweeps across the nation. Red weather warnings have been imposed throughout much of the UK, with the weather categorised as treacherous enough to "cause damage, widespread disruption and/or danger to life."

Social media has seen an influx of videos showing flying bins, trampolines and other outdoor furniture swept up by the winds. In one video, a trampoline was spotted flying over houses like a UFO - and in another, a football rolls down an entire street.

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Millions are now being urged not only to take extra precautions but to stay home altogether, with Greater London, Kent, Surrey, Essex and East Sussex all issued red weather warnings as early as 4am on Thursday, February 17 and expected to last until 3pm on Friday at the very earliest.


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