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03rd Apr 2015

Crafty thieves steal £50k from ATM after tunnelling under Tesco

We're not saying it's mole-men, but....


A gang of crafty thieves stole around £50,000 from a cash machine after tunnelling under a Tesco Express in Rochdale.

The gang dug underneath the shop – causing around £2,000 of damage – to remove the cash boxes from the ATM and netting a cool £50k, Greater Manchester Police said.

‘There was a tunnel dug under the ATM and the thieves effectively wanted to burgle the contents of the machine,’ a Tesco spokesperson told the Manchester Evening News.

No-one would immediately go on record to confirm or deny the existence of a race of criminal mole people living under the streets of Rochdale when JOE raised the subject.

Image: GMP handout