Couple who built 4ft fence to block chippy queues selling home for £105,000 loss 5 months ago

Couple who built 4ft fence to block chippy queues selling home for £105,000 loss

The dispute has been branded as 'Fence-gate' by locals

A couple's decision to build a 4ft-high fence in front of their house to block chippy customers from queuing outside their home is going to see them miss out on more than £100,000.


Stephen and Christine Williams got fed up of customers visiting the neighbouring chippy waiting outside their home in Alnwick, Northumberland every evening.

They therefore decided to build a fence on the pavement outside their home to protect their privacy in a dispute that quickly became known as 'Fence-gate.'

However they are now selling their three-bed semi-detached house for £195,000 - a loss of £105,000 - after they claim an outraged man aimed an airgun at them before firing.


The couple, who used to run a sweet shop from the property, were so spooked they removed the fence a week later.

The couple got annoyed with people peering into their home whilst waiting for their chips (SWNS)

Land Registry records show the house was bought for £300,000 in 2006 - a whopping £105,000 more than the current asking price.


Christine, 51, who works in a nursing home, said relations with her neighbours had "gone sour" since the fence row.

She said: "We were going to sell the house beforehand but what’s gone on has soured it a bit.

"We were going to sell the house but it brought it all forward. We took the fence down 24th September, it was up for a week.

"We just want to move on with it. I got trolled on Facebook. Some of the comments we saw were awful.”


The 4ft fence knocked off a huge £105,000 from the sale price (SWNS)

Recalling the moment a yob fired an air rifle at her, Christine said: "To think the guy who shot at me got away with that. I said to my husband ‘that guy's got a gun.’

"The minute he aimed at me, Stephen dragged me inside.”

Stephen added: "We've had people eating their chips on our windowsill and looking through the window while we are trying to relax. It's not on.


"Most people wouldn't want people using their land as a footpath and neither do we. We just wanted to protect our property."

They added: "Perhaps it will become a beautiful and substantial family home, maybe with a separate granny annex, or split into two separate dwellings.

"Maybe the former shop could once again be put back into service, and what could be done with the garage...? The mind boggles."

The Williams are hoping to move 11 miles away to the idyllic village of Rothbury.

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