Council votes against flying LGBT flag during Pride month for second year 6 months ago

Council votes against flying LGBT flag during Pride month for second year

This has sparked anger among Derbyshire residents

Derbyshire council has voted against flying a rainbow flag during Pride month for a second consecutive year, leaving local residents feeling "bitterly disappointed."


This comes after Ockbrook and Borrowash Parish Council in Derbyshire made the decision to display the flag for one day in September instead. The rainbow flag is a symbol of the LBGTQ+ community.

Local resident Katie Eaglesham-Atkins said flying the rainbow flag throughout Pride month was important to support the LGBT community, whilst also commemorating the Stonewall riots, the BBC reported.

The council said that it decided to allocate the month of September in order to coincide with a Pride event.

However, last year Derbyshire council chose not to fly the rainbow flag amid fears that it would potentially suggest that "one part of [the] community" was "more special" than others.

Parish Council Chairman Michael White said in a statement last year that the council supported minority groups.

On the issue concerning the rainbow flag, White said: "It is totally wrong to politicise this issue by the flying of a flag which seemingly gives the appearance that one part of our community is being made more special than all the others.


"Some councillors fear that a dangerous precedent could be set by flying this flag which could be seen as divisive when we have spent many years working to bring our communities together."

Speaking at recent council meetings, Mrs Eaglesham-Atkins, of Borrowash, said that local residents had approached the council to ask officials to fly the flag throughout Pride month, the BBC reported.

Eaglesham-Atkins went on to say that it is crucial "to celebrate and commemorate" the Stonewall riots, which took place in New York in June 1969 and saw police raid a gay bar, the BBC reported. The police raid in 1969 led to widespread protests.

The resident added that she believes the rainbow flag should be flown during Pride month so that "people feel safe to come to the village," the BBC reported.