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13th Oct 2021

Council mocked after creating 10ft long cycle lane that takes two seconds to ride

Kieran Galpin

Bike Lane

Perhaps it’s a speed pad like on Mario Kart?

A newly completed cycle lane in Nottinghamshire has residents both confused and frustrated, with many branding it as “completely pointless”.

With the stretch taking mere seconds to ride through, cyclists question how needed the cycle lane was in the grander scheme of things. One cyclist was even photographed riding alongside the bike lane; that’s correct, besides it, reports Metro.

Bike Lane 

With the council thought to have spent thousands on the renovations at the junction of Ilkeston and Pasture Road, residents of the area are frustrated to see where their money is going.

One resident, 37-year-old father Simon Lafferty, cycles through that junction each morning on his way to work as a software engineer.

“It has got to be the most pointless cycle lanes in the UK. You’re on it for two seconds, if that, and then there’s no continuation of it anywhere nearby,” Lafferty said on the new installation.

He continued, adding: “I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. That lane is doing nothing to encourage people to get on their bike.

Bike Lane

“I obviously welcome cycle lanes as long as it’s done properly. But this is just comical really and a crazy waste of taxpayers’ cash.”

The build is part of a £21.2 million fund awarded to the area, of which some is expected to be spent on bike lanes.

Another resident, 56-year-old Jim Fearnall, added that besides being pointless, it could actually be quite dangerous.

“I’m not sure who had this bright idea, but they need their heads examining. It makes the area a laughing stock.”

Bike Lane

“It’s neither (useful) nor ornament and the baffling thing is the state of our roads locally are really poor – there is a lot of other work that needs doing,” said Richard MacRae, an independent councillor for Stapleford North on Broxtowe Borough Council.

He confirmed that this would have cost thousands to install, and yet, the paint is already fading.

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