Conservatives put out the call for European election candidates 1 year ago

Conservatives put out the call for European election candidates

No extension without representation

The Conservative party is recruiting candidates for the European election, it is reported, indicating Tory high command has accepted there will be a lengthy extension to the Brexit process.

An email to potential candidates read: "Due to the current situation we will be contesting the European elections on May 23 and the closing date for nominations is April 24."

Embarrassing, really, for prime minister Theresa May who has been insistent that she was ready to follow through with a no deal exit from the European Union.

After securing an initial, short extension until this Friday April 12, it is becoming increasingly clear May will only allow the UK to leave the EU with a deal.

Opting instead now to chase an extension into summer, potentially contesting the European elections in the process, rather than leave now.

European election deadline

May was insistent the extension would have the option of early termination, allowing the UK to get out of contesting the elections, by leaving before May 22, with polling on May 23.

The EU will respond after a council summit on Wednesday, where leaders of the bloc's other 27 member states will meet.