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23rd Apr 2021

Conor McGregor bought the pub where he punched a man and immediately barred him

Charlie Herbert

It’s probably the most Conor McGregor story ever

Conor McGregor has demonstrated once again that he really isn’t a man who holds a grudge, by buying a pub where he once punched a man….. and immediately barring the man in question from it.

Back in 2019 a video emerged of McGregor appearing to punch a 50-year-old man in the Marble Arch pub in Dublin. The incident apparently happened after the man refused a drink of whiskey that the MMA fighter had offered up.

One can only assume it was a glass of Proper 12.

McGregor later apologised for the incident, saying that he was “in the wrong” and that the man “deserved to enjoy his time in the pub”. He was fined £860 by Dublin District Court for the incident.

However they were clearly pretty empty words, as the ‘Notorious’ has now purchased the pub where the incident happened, and barred the poor guy he hit. McGregor has apparently spent between £1.4 million and £1.8 million on the property.

It’s the second pub that McGregor has purchased the Dublin area, but it’s nice to see that he’s not letting any personal grudges or pettiness get in the way of his property portfolio.

After confirming his purchase of the pub on Twitter, the comments were the usual array of those who worship the ground that the Irishman walks on, and those who wouldn’t mind if they never heard from him again.

One person responded: “U got to be kidding me, he was seated with his back turned- maybe he didn’t want the whiskey or any unwanted interaction at all. There is no excuse for what Conner did plain and simple.”

Another said: “Suppose you’ve got to admire the fucking cheekiness of it. You’re just not assed are yeh?”

And a third commented: “Not being fussed about assaulting an old man is something to admire. Its (sic) just disgusting behaviour.”

Say what you want about McGregor. Just remember though, that if the owner offers you a drink, you should probably accept it.