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14th Oct 2023

Chris Rock wants Jada Pinkett Smith to ‘keep his name out of her mouth’

Joseph Loftus

‘Keep Chris Rock’s name out your f****** mouth’

Well, well, well how the turns have tabled as Chris Rock is apparently not that happy at all about his name being dragged into the dirt with the latest saga of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

The comedian who was infamously at the end of Will Smith’s right hand during the Oscars last year apparently wants his name leaving out of Pinkett Smith’s mouth.

The news comes after Pinkett Smith confirmed that herself and Will have been privately separated for the past seven years.

Not only this but Pinkett Smith has also claimed that Rock asked her out on a date when rumours emerged that she was on the brink of divorce from Smith.

Speaking to People magazine, Pinkett Smith said: “I think every summer all the reports would come out that me and Will were getting a divorce.

“And this particular summer, Chris, he thought that we were getting a divorce.

“So he called me and basically he was like, ‘I’d love to take you out’. And I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ He was like, ‘Well, aren’t you and Will getting a divorce?’ I was like, ‘No, Chris, those are just rumors.’

“He was appalled. And he profusely apologized and that was that.”

Many folk have speculated that this was the real reason behind Will Smith’s completely ludicrous behaviour at the Academy Awards – which resulted in Smith being handed a 10 year ban.

According to sources close to Rock, Pinkett Smith’s claims have angered Rock with one telling the Daily Mail: “Chris has said his piece on the entire Will Smith slap but now with these new revalations from Jada that she and Will have been living separate lives it is just another WTF moment in the whole saga from these past few years between Chris, her, and Will.”

The source continued: “Chris hates that she keeps bringing it up and bringing up the other revelations about Chris asking her on a date and all of that.

“He is a relatively private person and was just getting to a point where people may have started to move on, but now it is back in the limelight, and it’s just frustrating that everything is coming back to the forefront.

“Chris is over it and would actually love for her to keep his name out of her damn mouth.”

Makes sense.

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