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29th Nov 2023

Chris Packham slams I’m A Celebrity’s ‘abuse of animals’

Nina McLaughlin

Chris Packham has hit out at I’m A Celebrity

The naturalist has slammed the reality show for the “anachronistic embarrassment” over its use of animals.

Packham shared a letter addressed to the show’s hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly on Twitter, now known as X, earlier this week.

I’m A Celebrity is known for its use of Australian wildlife, including snakes, spiders as well as all sorts of bugs in its bushtucker trials.

62-year-old Packham claimed that he had previously sent the duo a letter about the show’s “ongoing abuse of animals” but his “patience has run thin”.

“My letters were polite, reasonable and constructive. This time I’ll be a little more frank and forthright,” Packham wrote.

“I’m A Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here! remains a grotesque blot on the reputations of both yourselves and ITV.

“Its continued exploitation of animals for entertainment is an anachronistic embarrassment and betrays a dangerous disconnect between a world increasingly concerned with an environmental crisis, and a reckless and marginalised part of the media which doesn’t appear to give a sh*t.”

He continued: “You may see little to no connection between the global extermination event that humans are precipitating and IACGMOOH but it’s all about attitudes and education. Without a fundamental respect for life, all life, it is difficult for those of us who care to bring enough people on board to initiate essential action to protect and actively restore the world’s wildlife.

“I spend my life trying to engender that respect, your programme recklessly countermands that, and what’s absolutely pitiful, is that it does it for laughs. Just for entertainment.”