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16th Jun 2017

Channel 4’s news report from Grenfell Tower is very powerful

Paul Moore

“They don’t care”

A criminal investigation into the blaze at Grenfell Tower has been opened as the Met Police sadly announced that the death total has risen to 17. This figure is expected to rise.

“We as the police have started an investigation, I mentioned when I was down at the scene this morning that one of our very senior investigating officers is leading that for us,” said Metropolitan Police commander Stuart Cundy.

“We as the police, we investigate criminal offences – I am not sitting here and saying there are criminal offences that have been committed, that’s why you do an investigation, to establish it. This will need to be a lot of work between us and other investigating agencies to establish what has happened and why and that is going to take a considerable period of time,” he adds.

Regarding the identification of those that passed away, six people have been identified.

“We cannot release information we do not have and it is so important the information we do release is entirely accurate,” he said.

The London Fire Brigade have said that firefighters will remain at the scene throughout today as they “monitor the stability of the building’s structure, managing the inner cordon and damping down any remaining pockets of fire.”

In the aftermath of this horrific event, plenty of people who live in the area have expressed their dismay at how such a tragic loss of life could happen.

Disregard for poverty, heinous negligence, and a refusal to listen to the very relevant concerns of the local residents were all factors in this awful tragedy.

In their recent news coverage, Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow let the people have their say and it made for extremely powerful TV.

Take a look.