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19th Jul 2018

Waitress puts man in the bin after he gropes her


Oli Dugmore

Justice is served

CCTV footage shows a man being into a rubbish bin by a waitress after he groped her.

The video shows the man, wearing a red t shirt, grab the woman’s bottom while she works in a restaurant.

As he walks past the waitress spins around, grabs him by the scruff of the neck and hurls him into a rubbish bin. A timestamp dates the video to 1ppm on June 30.

The Reddit post’s title says that the man was then arrested by police in front of his wife and children:

“My cousin takes down this pervert for grabbing her ass. He is later arrested in front of his wife and 2 kids when the cops arrived.”

My cousin takes this pervert down for grabbing her ass. He is later arrested in front of his wife and 2 kids when the cops arrived. from r/JusticeServed

The user commented under the post: “Like it says this is my cousin, she’s a server at this restaurant to support herself while going to school. She also takes care of abandoned animals, feeding them, getting them fixed, she’s worked at veterinary offices before and always kept that passion.”

Another said: “I work there, it was just another Saturday night. This literally happens ALL the time. We just put the cameras up so this was the first guy we’ve been able to prosecute.”