CCTV shows heroic moment woman steps in front of knife attacker to stop assault 4 months ago

CCTV shows heroic moment woman steps in front of knife attacker to stop assault

Footage of the attack shows Glen Woolford punching the victim to the ground and striking him with the knife handle

CCTV footage shows the heroic moment a woman steps in to stop a knife attack after he beats a man to the ground in a shocking attack in broad daylight.


Glen Woolford was caught on camera striking his victim's head with a kitchen knife handle before kicking him as he lay helplessly on the road of a typically-quiet housing estate in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.


CCTV footage shows how a woman, who hasn't been identified, stands between the victim and Woolford, stopping him from continuing his attack.

The 37-year-old continues to shout at and kick his victim as the woman stands just feet away - before Woolford flees the scene seconds later.

A terrified toddler can also be seen witnessing the incident, which happened on September 29.

The video, shared by police, later shows bystanders helping the victim, who suffered a minor slash wound after Woolford left in his car.


Woolford was arrested after he called the police claiming that a man had pulled a knife on him and tried to enter his home.

At Cambridge Crown Court on March 8, Woolford was sentenced to sixteen months in prison, suspended for two years, after he pleaded guilty to wounding without intent and having a bladed article.

PC James Ferries, of Cambridgeshire Police, said Woolford has launched a "violent attack on an unarmed man right in front of a small child".

He said members of the public had "put themselves in danger while intervening".


"It was extremely lucky that nobody was seriously hurt. Woolford claimed he was acting in self defence but none of what he said corroborates with the CCTV footage.

“Some people think that carrying a knife provides them with protection. What it actually does is put them, their friends and family in danger and increase the chances of someone being hurt.”

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