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14th Mar 2022

Cage fighter launched brutal hammer attack on thief who tried to raid his home

Kieran Galpin


One eye was completely swollen shut

A martial arts world champion who savagely beat a criminal that was trying to break into his home has been jailed for putting the burglar in the hospital.

In August 2020, IMF Muay Thai Champion Chris Shaw, 31, was in bed when George Halliday, 44, broke into his house. He was awoken by Halliday stealing tools from his van to break into his house, at which point he chased him down the street with a hammer, reports the Daily Record.

Halliday became addicted to heroin following a stabbing in 2010 that left him with PTSD.

Following the brutal attack, Halliday was left with a broken nose and partial blindness that left him in hospital with both men facing criminal charges. On March 11, Shaw pleaded guilty to assaulting Halliday, with prosecutor David McDonald telling the court: “A witness said they heard someone shouting, ‘Did you just tan my house?’”

The court heard how Shaw struck Halliday with the hammer, consequently sending him to the ground to be hit once again in the arm. It’s understood that Shaw continued the attack for two minutes, leaving one of Halliday’s eyes swollen shut.

Halliday, who once stole an ambulance, said: “I thought I was breaking into a garage but it turns out it was a house and the guy battered me.”

Halliday appeared in court the day following the attack where he pleaded guilty to breaking into Shaw’s van to steal tools. He also admitted to seeking to break into Shaw’s house but refused to provide a police statement or let police photograph his injuries.

Sentencing will happen next month.

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