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09th Jan 2024

Builders smash up concrete driveway after homeowner refuses to pay them

Joseph Loftus

‘This is what happens’

A homeowner in Australia recently saw her brand-new driveway get smashed to smithereens after she allegedly refused to pay the builders for their work.

The action was carried away by tradesman Jesse Crowe of Queensland after they’d worked to lay down a new driveway for a customer who they say wouldn’t pay.

Crowe previously spoke with the homeowner, Viola, to negotiate a price of $6000AUD for the job which involved creating a new surface for the driveway which was attached to the side of their home.

While Viola paid the initial $2,500AUD she allegedly refused to pay the remaining $3,500AUD when she got into a dispute with Crowe about the quality of the job as well as their apparent lack of rubbish removal.

Speaking to 7News, Viola claims that she was threatened by Crowe after complaining about the driveway.

She said: “[They said] ‘you pay now or we will smash the concrete.”

Viola also said that she would’ve paid the workers but they “refused to finish the job”.

She said: “They did what they wanted, not what I wanted.”

When Crowe and his gang realised that they wouldn’t be getting paid for the driveway, he created a video to show “what happens when you don’t pay for works carried out at your place”.

With a co-worker, Crowe can be seen lifting a pick-axe up above his head before smashing it down into the concrete, creating a huge hole in the new drive.

Himself and a few workers then continue the move up and down the driveway leaving it uneven and smashed to bits.

The person behind the camera can be heard saying: “You should have paid. And it’s going to cost more to get it all dug up, taken away and poured again.

“Didn’t want to pay? This is what happened.”

Crowe also spoke to 7News saying that he’d been in the trade for a long time and had always done the right thing.

He added: “They don’t want to pay, at the end of the day, what are you going to do?” Crowe said that he just wants to get paid at the end of the day and doesn’t like “destroying his work”.

Who do you thinks in the right?