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20th Dec 2023

Brutal cold sweeping UK is leaving people ‘wiped out’ after Christmas parties

Joseph Loftus

‘I literally feel like death’

Many workers who’ve recently attended their Christmas parties have woken up with much more than a hangover and the crippling fear of a message from HR.

Instead, they’ve woken up feeling completely obliterated by sickness.

Hundreds of people in the UK have been taking to X to share their symptoms saying they’re everything from congested to feverish in the days following their big festive blowout.

One person wrote: “My office the past two weeks has been deserted cos of that flu everyone got at the Christmas party lol.”

Another said: “My mom and I are both sick. My mom was sick the past couple days but her fever broke.

“We went to an awesome Christmas party at the local GOP office and now I’m sick. Isn’t flu season the worst, and on her birthday too.”

A third person wrote: “So office Christmas party has been canceled cos half of the staff down with the flu and here I am part of the half in the office working.”

Another commented: “I have flu. Serves me right for all the Christmas party shenanigans. Farewell cruel world.”

While of course every case is different (some being covid, others flu, and some being simply bad colds), doctors have recently unveiled that even the common cold could floor some people now.

The reason for this is not that colds are getting any stronger, but rather that most of us in the western world have spent the last three winters with some levels of covid restrictions in place, thus shielding us from picking up a bad cold.

Now, as restrictions have entirely lifted, many have forgotten just how awful a cold can feel.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones (I know I was last weekend) remember to stay warm, drink plenty of fluids, eat good healthy food, take painkillers if needs be, and if things get really bad then give your GP a call.

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