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12th Apr 2022

Brits praise £35 Aldi cost-of-living hack that Martin Lewis says keeps you warm for just 4p a week

April Curtin

The Money Saving Expert explained how you can stay warm without turning on the heating

A £35 Specialbuy from Aldi is keeping Brits warm amid rising energy costs, thanks to advice from Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis.

Sharing his tips in a guide last week, the ITV This Morning finance expert told his followers that investing in warming items will reduce the need to turn on the heating amid skyrocketing energy prices.

On Twitter, Martin wrote: “I felt sad asking my team to put this together, but my emailbag is full of folk so desperate they can’t put the heat on, I wanted to try some help. Pls share.”

Heated USB gloves and electric blankets were amongst the items Martin suggested shoppers could consider buying.

He pointed out that it costs only £14 to buy a cheap electric blanket, which in turn, costs 3p an hour to run, or £1.37 each week if used for seven hours a day.

Since then, shoppers have discovered a £35 Aldi Specialbuy item that is helping them use Martin Lewis’s advice, Manchester Evening News reports.

Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, one shopper shared a picture of the £35 throw that you can buy at Aldi – and it even comes with sleeves.

Captioning the picture, the shopper wrote: “After Martin Lewis recommendations for keeping warm and using electric blankets if you only need to be warm in one room…bingo. £35 Aldi.”

The post has since received over 5,000 comments, including others who bought it and “absolutely love it!”

One shopper said: “I’ve got one of these and it’s lush, so comfy and warm even without turning it on!”

It comes after gas and electricity prices surged by 54 per cent at the start of April – the biggest rise in energy costs in living memory. On the same day, MPs in the house of commons saw their salaries increase by over £2,000 to £84,144, because their work “dramatically” increased in the last year, an independent watchdog said.

And in a double whammy from the Tory party, National Insurance increased to 13.5 per cent this month – seeing workers and employers pay 1.25 per cent more tax than before while inflation is at its highest level in 30 years. As a result, Brits are resorting to buying electric blankets to reduce heating costs and even setting up fundraisers asking for financial help.

Aldi’s heated blankets are currently out of stock on the website – but you may be able to find one in your local store if you’re in luck.

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