Two in three Britons feel overwhelmed by domestic and global crises, survey finds 2 months ago

Two in three Britons feel overwhelmed by domestic and global crises, survey finds

The pressures are being felt most by people in the North East of England

Two-thirds of the British public say they feel overwhelmed by stress caused by financial, global, and government pressures, a survey has found.


Charity Campaign against Living Miserably (CALM) questioned 2000 people and found 63 per cent are worried or overwhelmed right now, with a third of Britons reporting their mental health has deteriorated over the last two years.

Britons are struggling the most in the north east, with 74 per cent of people surveyed reporting serious mental health strains.

Many in the UK are feeling squeezed by the looming cost of living crisis - a stress that will only further exacerbate itself as electricity, gas, and hikes begin at the start of the new financial year in April.


Think-tank the Resolution Foundation has found the Chancellor's recent mini-budget will push 1.3 million households into absolute poverty, while soaring inflation and stagnating wages mean real incomes will fall by between 4-6 per cent - the largest fall since the end of rationing in the 1950s.

More than half of Britons surveyed by CALM say they are worried about their finances right now.

The charity advise registering with a food bank, eating at home more and cancelling subscription services to alleviate financial pressures. It also suggests avoiding doom-scrolling on social media, and staying connected with friends or family.

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