British student thanks army as he is evacuated after going to country on holiday 10 months ago

British student thanks army as he is evacuated after going to country on holiday

21-year-old Miles Routledge has thanked British forces for getting him home safe

The British student who, for some stupid reason, decided to go to Afghanistan on holiday was rescued sometime yesterday. It has now been confirmed via his social media that he has been diverted to Dubai before he returns home.


Miles Routledge, 21, naturally received widespread criticism on social media over his thrill-chasing trip. He picked Afghanistan simply because of the ongoing situation, claiming he had Googled the most dangerous places to visit.

Upon arriving in the recently taken Kabul, The British student claimed to have encountered Taliban fighters, seen dead bodies in the street and was ultimately shielded from gunfire in a NATO-controlled safe house.

Yesterday, he posted footage on Facebook showing himself wearing a flak jacket on a military-style plane as the jet arrived in Dubai - the caption wrote: "The happy ending: landed in Dubai thanks to the brilliant people at the British Army. All safe!"


Routledge said that he and other civilians, including some fellow Britons, had been given refuge in a NATO-controlled building in Kabul; also writing on social media, he was said to have heard approximate gunfire: "Right now it's very close, no more than 100m from our compound."

"These NATO guys are amazing, they really do make you feel safe and looked after." He added: "We've got a pool, canteen, gym, clothes machine and even a shop." Oh good, glad you're enjoying some luxury after all this. Plonker.

Before his flight to Dubai, he had told followers he had got a place on a list for evacuation from Kabul - you know, the same list that Aghan's have been so desperate to get on that they're clinging onto the side of planes in an attempt to flee the country. He said he was limited to a bag weighing a maximum of 10kg and people were stuffing protein bars in his jacket.

"On the flight out we aren't allowed any liquids at all, no razors and only one bag up to 10kg so everyone is tossing all their belongings into a pile, people are donating each other their items because they can't carry them.

Some lads stuffed my body armour and bag with protein bars, over 20 of them. Very happy man right now. Thank you lads."


Mr Routledge wrote: "My tour guide is currently fearing for his family and his only crime is going the extra mile and saving my life, I can never repay him and that saddens me." Suppose you could have saved him the trouble in the first place? That might have been nice, eh, Miles?

You're not Dave Farrier, 'Dark Tourist', Miles - you're just an entitled moron who has shown little to no respect to the very genuine suffering and all-around situation that is currently unfolding in Afghanistan.

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