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29th Aug 2015

British journalist chops up, cooks and eats roadkill on TV…and now it’s catching on (Video)

Squashed squirrel anyone?

Ben Kenyon

If there’s anything we love in Britain it’s a good old summer barbecue.

Thick juicy steaks, sizzling sausages and if you’re a little adventurous, how about some exotic meats?

We’ve seen ostrich burger and zebra fillets around, but Guardian journalist and environmentalist George Monbiot has taken it a step further.

The writer has taken to eating squirrel. Yes grey squirrel, the type you see scurrying across your washing line to get at your nuts.

It all started with a provocative tweet by Monbiot where he spotted some roadkill, took it home, cooked it and wolfed it down…

The thought of anyone scooping a dead squirrel off the street and serving up for dinner like something off The Waterboy sent the internet a bit nutty…

But Monbiot justified it thus… However, that wasn’t the end of it. The man was invited to bring himself, an axe and a dead squirrel onto Newsnight to show how it’s done, and indeed why the hell he did it.

Yes there probably some people throwing up behind the couch, but Monbiot made some solid points about the damage of ‘unethical’ farmed meats, which he explains further here.

But it seems that chopping up and cooking a squirrel live on TV has not put people off. In fact, quite the opposite – they’ve started selling it in shops (although it probably wasn’t scraped off the side of the M25).