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18th Nov 2015

Britain is bearing the brunt as ISIS hackers retaliate against Anonymous

Ben Kenyon

ISIS hackers have hit back at Anonymous after the clandestine hacktivist movement launched a ‘cyberwar’ against the terror group.

Anonymous claims it took down more than 5,000 Twitter accounts supporting the Islamic State propaganda machine in 24 hours.

But now hackers linked to the terrorist organisation have launched a counterblast, which is affecting Britain.

Anonymous members behind the #OpParis campaign revealed they are under cyber-attack and that Britain was being ‘lit up’ by similar digital assaults.

This global ‘Digital Attack’ map shows countries including Saudi Arabia and Canada under attack, but Britain facing the full force.


The main form of attack, according to The Mirror, is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which involves flooding systems and websites with web traffic until they collapse.

Although it is yet to be confirmed who is behind this wave of digital attacks, it is believed to be the work of ISIS hackers.