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17th May 2019

Theresa May says Labour to blame for Brexit talks collapse

When will this be over

Oli Dugmore

Theresa May has blamed Jeremy Corbyn for the collapse of Brexit talks

When will this be over

Talks between the government and Labour aimed at breaking the Brexit deadlock collapsed today.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were both quick to blame the other side, with Corbyn announcing via a letter to the prime minister that discussions had “gone as far as they can” because “we have been unable to bridge important policy gaps between us.”

May shot back, attributing the lack of progress to Labour splits over a second referendum. She said “the fact that there is no common position in Labour about whether they want to deliver Brexit or hold a second referendum which could reverse it” was responsible.

Corbyn said the Tory leadership race was “eroding” what little authority the government has and that Labour will vote against the prime minister’s draft withdrawal agreement if it remains unchanged.

After the Labour leader released his statement Downing Street confirmed no more talks would take place.

Negotiations have gone on for the last six weeks, following the third defeat of the prime minister’s deal in the House of Commons.

Sound familiar?