Brexit supporter tells BBC it 'will do the country good to go without food' 2 years ago

Brexit supporter tells BBC it 'will do the country good to go without food'

Once again, another person too young to have fought in World War II invoking the 'Blitz spirit'

On Monday, the bosses of British food retailers Sainsbury’s, ASDA, M&S, Co-op, Waitrose, KFC, Pret, Lidl, McDonald’s, Costcutter and the British Retail Consortium signed an open letter to MPs, warning them of the dangers that a no-deal Brexit could cause in the supply of food into Britain.


The United Kingdom is, as it stands, set to leave the European Union without a deal on March 29, after Theresa May's Brexit deal was voted down by the Commons.

The threat of food shortages, which would be exacerbated by tariffs and price hikes, has understandably led people - many of whom enjoy not experiencing hunger - to worry about about the state of the UK after March 29.

There are some people though who have reacted to these warnings with a sort of masochistic glee; those who welcome the thought of rationing and self-sacrifice like only those who feel like they lived through the war but actually didn't can.

One of very people appeared on a BBC News report on the topic this morning, and was asked what he thought about the warning from retailers.

In a succinct yet utterly bizarre reply, he uttered some interesting words. He said: "It's purely scaremongering. As far as I'm concerned it would do the country good to go without for a little while. Make them appreciate what they've had."

We're not exactly sure how he believes this is both scaremongering and something which would be good for the country.


Perhaps he thinks that the concept of hunger itself is scaremongering, and that the UK would in fact grow stronger and healthier on a diet of Fray Bentos and baked beans.

Or perhaps, and bear with us on this, he just doesn't know what he's talking about.

One thing is certain though. His response proved that, even if there is a shortage of perishable foods after Brexit, there will be absolutely no shortage of gammon.