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26th May 2019

Brexit party win first region to declare in European elections

James Dawson

It’s looking like Nigel Farage is going to have a very good night

The first UK results from the European Elections have handed two seats to the Brexit Party and one to Labour in the north east of England.

The result means that Labour has lost one seat in the area with the Brexit Party building on the single seat UKIP had in the north east following the 2014 elections. The Lib Dems had been projected to win one seat by Sky News, however, they narrowly missed out in the final results.

The area has traditionally been a Labour heartland, however, the region voted to leave in the EU referendum by a large margin.

Although it’s difficult to use a single declaration to predict the result in Britain as a whole, it ties in with forecasts that have suggested that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will receive the most seats of any party in the UK.

A prediction, posted to social media by Britain Elects, suggests that the Brexit Party will take 24 MEP seats, the Lib Dems 15 (up 14), Labour 14 (down six), the Conservatives 10 (down nine), the Greens four (up one), the SNP two (remaining the same) and Plaid Cymru one (remaining the same).

Overall vote share in the north east of England

The Brexit Party: 38.73%

Labour: 19.35%

Liberal Democrats: 16.83%

Greens: 8.05%

Conservatives: 6.84%

UKIP: 6.17%

Change UK: 4.03%